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Milos Jovanovik , Petar Ristoski and Dimitar Trajanov


With the growing popularity of the service oriented architecture concept, many enterprises have large amounts of granular web services which they use as part of their internal business processes. However, these services can also be used for ad-hoc actions, which are not predefined and can be more complex and composite. Here, the classic approach of creating a business process by manual composition of web services, a task which is time consuming, is not applicable. By introducing the semantic web technologies in the domain of this problem, we can automate some of the processes included in the develop-and-consume flow of web services. In this paper, we present a solution for suggestion and invocation of actions, based on the user data and context. Whenever the user works with given resources, the system offers him a list of appropriate actions, preexisting or ad-hoc, which can be invoked automatically.


Semantic web services; automatic composition; semantic web technologies; service oriented architecture