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George Tanev and Adrijan Bozinovski


Music production in the 21st century is heavily based on the use of high performance computer-based systems and software applications that not only provide digital sound processing of the highest quality, but also offer pristine emulation of tons of simple and high-end hardware devices and instruments used in the music industry throughout history. One of the aims of this development process is to enable the integration of as much musical equipment as possible into one single device, i.e. to allow a massive number of tools and functionalities to be implemented inside simple interfaces designed for the popular computer platforms. As a major highlight and one of the leading achievements in this domain, this paper takes into account the eminent Virtual Studio Technology, by reviewing its development, widespread application, and creative potential in the music production industry as an integral part of the global music industry.


music production; music software; digital signal processing; virtual instruments; VST plugins; Steinberg