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Susanne Sonntagbauer and Peter Sonntagbauer


The FUPOL project has implemented a number of pilots in Europe, Asia and Africa. Its success has raised a lot of interest from countries around the world and it was considered necessary to elaborate a methodology, which provides a first assessment of success factors in a country for the implementation of e-Participation. The e-Government Indices of the United Nations and the Democracy Index have been analyzed to evaluate their capabilities to pro- vide such a forecast. It is argued that a success indicator has to bear in mind two aspects, the general readiness of a political system to take citizen opinion into account and the technical capabilities. The UN e-Participation Index does not fully allow to forecast the potential success of an e-Participation project as it measures mainly technical sophistication and availability of government online services and not the political readiness.


e-Participation, e-Governance, FUPOL, e-Government Indices, United Nations