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Aleksandar Stojmenski , Boban Joksimoski and Dragan Mihajlov


A revolution brought about by invention of 3D printing technology is emerging on the horizon. The 3D printer has potential to become a primary tool for building almost everything we need in the future. This paper presents the creating of custom made medical accessories and immobilizers that can help people that have a certain types of traumatic physical injury or hearing disabilities. Having in mind that fractures and other physical injuries are likely to occur in 2% of the population every year, our efforts are in creating 3D printed immobilizers that are more comfortable than standard casts and splints. With the use of 3D scanners, accurate and detailed virtual model of both the traumatized region and the ear canal is easily created. Henceforth, the accompanying 3D model is custom-fit and can be easily printed. The 3D printed immobilizer is custom printed in a cell-like structure that ensures easy appliance and removal, multiple use and skin respiration. Other benefits include a robust material that is water resistant and lighter, thinner and better looking than standard casts. The immobilizer that was made in cooperation with the Traumatology clinic (Medical Faculty, Skopje) is presented in detail producing many ideas for future work. Other types of medical accessories including hearing aid and printing bones for training and learning purposes are all covered in this paper.


3D printer, 3D scanner, Immobilization, Orthoses, Medicine, Medical accessories, Hearing aid