Web proceedings papers


Vanja Smailovic , Darko Striga and Vedran Podobnik


A modern information and communication technologies (ICT) user is a mobile user that generates user data on a daily basis through numerous online accounts and plethora of services (e.g., telecommunication services, Internet-based social networking services and various other Internet services). The SmartSocial Platform is a platform for context-aware social networking of modern ICT users and as such requires information-rich user profiles in order to provide personalization through new innovative services and applications. Con- sequently, the SmartSocial Platform supports creation of advanced user profiles from heterogeneous data sources. An added value created with the process of user profiling based on multi-source user data is evaluated through proof-of-concept services of calculating user influence and trust among users.


user profiles, social networking, context-awareness, mobile users, big data