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Snezana Savoska , Natasa Blazeska-Tabakovska and Jasmina Pazeska


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are a strategic tool for gaining competitive advantage through gaining company information. The beginnings of their implementation in several companies in Macedonia occurred during the last decade. In this paper, we are making an analysis of the use of ERP systems in Macedonia, explaining their implementation, benefits, challenges and disadvantages in the process. We are also making an analysis of the selection of ERP solution in the company and their implementation. After that, we are analyzing the results of the implementation and its effects on the company. The conclusion is that the company's top management is deeply convinced that the purchase of this software is a beneficial investment. It will therefore result in return of investment through improved visibility of processes, more accurate data, as well as reduction of the time needed to gain information necessary for effective company management.


ERP implementation, SAP ERP, Microsoft Dynamic Navision