Serhat Burmaoglu and Ozcan Saritas


The interaction between changing society and developments in information technologies has created a connected lifestyle. This connected lifestyle has become a part of daily life and changed the expectations of society such as by increasing the expectations regarding health and related services. In this study, it is aimed to visualize the evolution of the concept of connected health to investigate the ever-tightening relationships between health and information systems. Queries were made in the Web of Science database by using selected keywords related to health and information systems. In order to understand the evolutionary relationships between the concepts, analyses were conducted within five-year intervals with the VantagePoint software. First, conceptual networks were created by using co-occurrence data. Then, network structures were visualized and interpreted by using UCINET and VOSViewer. Finally, it was demonstrated that the main stream of publications are related to electronic health records in concept of connected health. All other technological developments and health related issues were connected to this main stream in years with different characteristics. At present, there are diseases, care services, privacy, infrastructure and mobile dimensions for today’s network. This input gives insight about the future of connected health concept as the importance of privacy, personalized care with mobile networks and infrastructure.


Connected Health, mHealth, Health 2.0, telehealth, telemedicine, ehealth, electronic health record