Web proceedings papers


Valentina Janev , Vuk Mijovic , Uros Milosevic and Sanja Vranesh


The Linked Data approach, based on principles defined back in 2006 and best practices for publishing and connecting structured data on the Web, can play an important role for opening the government resources, making new citizen and business applications possible, which, in turn, creates (both tech and non-tech) business and job opportunities. This paper explores the challenges software engineers face when selecting and adopting technologies and tools for building Linked Data Apps development. Two different innovative applications: (1) the mobile supplier chain dashboard (SCD) tool and (2) the Geospatial-semantic Exploration on the Move (GEM) tool are presented in details. This paper contributes to the understanding of the Linked Data technologies and points to lessons learnt from recent EU research projects.


Linked Data, Scenarios, Applications, Piloting methodology