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Kocho Hrisafov , Veno Pachovski , Adrijan Bozinovski and Biljana Stojcevska


This paper discusses a case of a cement-producing plant that wants to continue using its existing legacy DEC Alpha OpenVMS system with Oracle RDB database. One of the main reasons is that the current ERP solution cannot be ported to a contemporary computer architecture. The plant also needs to automate and modernize the process of loading their products, but the company management does not want to invest in modern computer servers and a new ERP system. That’s why they decided to implement a hybrid solution – a modern .NET client application using the existing legacy DEC Alpha as a server. Here, the required technologies used for developing that software solution are overviewed and all parts of the software solution are described. Finally, the benefits and effectiveness of such a hybrid software solution are shown.


legacy computer systems, RDB, ODBC, VAX, Alpha, ERP, OpenVMS, .NET