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Anica Milenkovska and Fimka Tozija


Road traffic injuries (RTIs) are a serious public health priority for policy intervention, both in the world and in Republic of Macedonia. Main objective was to identify the RTIs risk factors, estimate the burden they cause in Macedonia, as well as to compare it with Europe. The survey is a crosssectional study which analyses official data from Ministry of Inferior, State Statistical Office, medical records for RTIs, Institute for Health Measures and Evaluation and Health for All databases (HFA) for 2015. World Health Organization (WHO) method has been applied to estimate the burden of RTIs and WHO standard information and communication technology (ICT) - software application was used to calculate years of life lost (YLLs), years lost due to disability (YLDs), and disability adjusted life years (DALYs) caused by RTIs in Macedonia in 2015. Three hypotheses have been tested and confirmed. The total burden of RTIs in Macedonia is 4.960 DALYs lost, i.e. 3.134 YLLs, and 1.826 YLDs. The burden in males is almost three times higher than in females. Most vulnerable road users are in 15-44 age groups, i.e. those with biggest biological and economic potential. There is no statistically significant difference between Macedonia and Europe in the percentage participation of RTIs in the total burden of diseases and injuries. Multisectoral cooperation is crucial for implementation of evidence based policy interventions for road safety promotion. Application of more sophisticated and cost effective ICT methods and applications are needed for RTIs prevention and road safety.


Road traffic injury Burden DALY Intervention Information and communication technology.