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Bogdan Jelishkoski , Veno Pachovski , Dobre Blazevski and Irena Stojmenskovska


"With the development of new hardware, applications and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, accurate time synchronization is more than necessary. Having close geolocation Network Time Protocol (NTP) server for hardware devices or the applications needed to synchronize time, means accurate time synchronization, near the atomic time with fast server response. In this research paper, we explain creation of first public NTP Stratum 2 server in Republic of North Macedonia upon the latest VMware virtualization technology, which will serve the territory of Republic of North Macedonia and rest of Europe. NTP server will be satisfying all needed standards. Registration in official NTP worldwide register is already conducted and the server is available for all in the world."


network, time synchronization, NTP, public, virtualization, VMware, ESXi, server, networking