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Dina Gitova , Elena M. Jovanovska and Andreja Naumoski


Specialized niche services like providing offers to long-distance destinations, can be considered a determining strategy for travel agencies to acquire market share, differentiate themselves from competitors and to add higher value to the customer. The goal of this paper is to identify, rate and map the travel agencies in Skopje, North Macedonia that offer trips to long-distance destinations, to provide basic information about them and to derive a ranking system that would proportionally represent them accordingly to the user ratings and number of offers. Travel agencies that fulfill a pre-determined set of criteria are weighted according to user rating and the number of users that left a rating. Furthermore, to include travel agencies without user ratings, who provided the service, a ranking from the number of offers available was presented. Moreover, the creation of a geographical database will provide the customers with a sorted list of useful information with regards to the expected service, visually presenting the aggregated data. The visual-spatial elaboration of the evaluation is represented with the software ArcGIS. Implementing the results of the research in other map applications, with a special focus on mobile technologies, can account for the transparent ranking of the travel agencies.


Travel agencies ,Long-Distance Vacations ,ArcGIS