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Aleksandar Janjikj , Ana Madevska-Bogdanova and Vladimir Trajkovik


The new situation with the online teaching as a must in the Covid-19 pandemic, requires indicating clear directions on how to change the classical ap-proach of everyday teaching. It is a great challenge to adapt to the new situation both for the teachers and pupils. Teachers who have been teaching in a certain way for years, have to change their concepts to deliver more productive teaching. It is impossible to teach online in a class of thirty pupils and not face various challenges, ambiguities and issues when teaching online classes such as lack of discipline, pupils' carelessness, technical problems, financial assistance needed for online teaching, reliability of online program, time required to complete the online program, etc. pupils. This paper addresses this situation by presenting an experiment in online learning environment done during the Covid-19 pandemic in R.N. Macedonia. The experiment resulted in determining good practices in remote teaching that are present in this paper for primary and secondary school pupils.


COVID 19, Online learning, online education, technology.