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Hristina Mitrova , Bojana Koteska , Ana Madevska-Bogdanova , Fedor Lehocki , Beata Ondrusova and Nevena Ackovska


Handling the mass casualty emergency situations can be im- proved by introducing a chest patch sensor that is able to deliver the main vital parameters: Heart Rate (HR), Respiration Rate (RR), SPO2 and Blood Pressure. The START triage procedure requires both HR and RR parameters almost instantly. In this paper we investigate the calculation of HR from a raw PPG signal, using appropriate functions from the Python HeartPy Tooklit, by comparing the calculated HR to the measured HR for the same patients, recorded at the same time as the PPG signal. By using several evaluation metrics, it was concluded that there is no signi cant di erence between the measured and the calculated HR (MAE = 0,3, MSE=0,3, R2 =0,99, Pearson's and the Spearman's coecient of correlation, 0.99). This result is the same whether raw or ltered PPG signal was used for the HR calculation.


Photoplethysmogram data · Signal processing · Heart rate analysis · Peak detection · Evaluation metrics