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Olta Llaha and Azir Aliu


Massive and open data constitutes a burgeoning field of study nowadays. The evolution of technology is, in turn, increasing its degree of interactivity, configuring several scenarios of great complexity in which data is understood on the basis of our interaction with it at different levels. Data visualization involves presenting data in graphical or pictorial form which makes the information easy to understand. It helps to explain facts and determine courses of action. It will benefit any field of study that requires innovative ways of presenting large, complex information. Real-time visualization combines both the disciplines of visualization and real-time rendering. The importance of this paper is to explain the advantages and disadvantages of using interactive visualization techniques and tools and real time data visualization. The aim of this research is, to provide a comprehensive understanding of the role and significance of interactive visualization and in particular real-time data visualization through a systematic literature review of the existing literatures.


Data Visualization, Information, Interactive Visualization.