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Teodora Chizhbanoska , Goce Armenski and Jasmina Jovanovska


Corporate social responsibility is the lates trend, and at the same time an essential dimension of modern successful companies, including the companies in North Macedonia. Considering the social and climate changes that affect the way companies operate today, responsible social work, social community in- volvement and environmental protection become important criteria for assessing companies’ success. Good corporate and responsible management is considered today as a prerequisite for creating an attractive investment climate. The challenge of being socially responsible is not only attractive for the companies, but it is also popular for individuals. Nowadays, there are many environmental issues in North Macedonia which can be solved relatively easy. Such problems include pollution (air, water, soil), generating unsustainable waste, waste dis- posal, etc. All these problems can be managed by changing individuals’ habits and encouraging socially responsible behavior. However, the opportunities for individuals to engage in such activities are extremely limited. This paper presents the mobile application Challenger which incorporates so- cial responsibility and gamification. The main goal of the designed and imple- mented tool is to help companies and individuals in North Macedonia to engage in activities with positive impact on society. This also helps companies to attract more customers and motivates individuals to achieve a predetermined goal with their behavior, set by the game creator.


Social Responsibility, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Gamification, Mobile Application