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Olta Llaha and Azir Aliu


In the ever-advancing realm of technology, the field of huge and open data is in a constant state of evolution, leading to the emergence of interactive and intricate datasets. Understanding such data necessitates varying levels of interaction. Data visualization has emerged as a potent tool that greatly facilitates comprehension and decision-making across diverse domains. The goal of this paper is to present a practical case study on the utilization of data visualization techniques and machine learning algorithms. Through the comparison of various clustering algorithms, we can examine data and forecast the influence of data visualization on decision-making. Our findings offer substantiation that decisionmaking is influenced by data visualization. Moreover, we explore the effect of employing data visualization technology on decision-making within the academic community, comprising faculty and students. Furthermore, we assess how data visualization impacts decision-making in higher education institutions, demonstrating its capacity to facilitate stakeholders in making more efficient and expedited decisions.


Data Visualization, Higher Education, Machine Learning