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Zoran Gacovski , Ivan Kraljevski , Biljana Spireva and Sime Arsenovski


The selection of base station location is one of the most important decision issues for mobile operators. We propose in this paper a new multiple criteria decision-making method in order to solve the location of base station problem under fuzzy environment. In the proposed method, the ratings of each alternative and the weight of each criterion are described by linguistic variables which can be expressed by triangular fuzzy numbers. The final evaluation value of each base station (BS) location is also expressed by a triangular fuzzy number. By calculating the difference of final evaluation value between each pair of BS locations, a fuzzy preference relation matrix is constructed to represent the intensity of the preferences of one location over another. We have simulated the measurement of speech quality and the BER, and took them as decision factors; then we solved different examples of decision-making for selecting the base station location.


Fuzzy decision making, selection of the best alternative, speech quality, bit error rate.