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Naum Puroski


We all know what the best is, but not what enough is. We design and implement things aiming at perfection and thus spending more money and effort than real need and real justifications are. This problem is also present in the world of software engineering. In traditional software development processes a significant number of bureaucratic procedures exist that are spending a lot of money and time, leading to insignificant or unnecessary quality. Agilists are trying to solve this problem by creating lightweight development processes with minimal set of actions needed for successful project completion. In the past ten years, agile methodologies are successfully applied for small and medium projects, but there is still mistrust when it comes to large and critical projects. This paper summarizes the most common problems of Scrum agile process for large projects and gives guidance how Scrum process should be scaled in order to be more applicable for them.


Scrum, Agile, Large Projects, Software Development Processes.