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Jovan Kostovski and Ilina Kareva


This paper describes the design challenges which everyone faces when a backend server for mobile applications is developed. For this particular research a backend server for mobile context-aware services for industrial process management was developed. The context information is gathered from the employees' smart phones and the industrial process management legacy information systems. The goal of the research was to utilize the gathered context information in order to improve the management and monitoring of the industrial processes, make the operations teams more efficient and taking the employee safety to a higher level. As a result of the research a prototype system was build and the defined use cases were tested. The build system is placed on top of the existing process control and management systems, acts like a gateway between these systems and the employees' smart phones and enables completeup to date information about the process state and monitoring of the vital parametersof the employees when they are working on some risky tasks. Based on the tests done, it was concluded that this type of design ensures: prompt information sending to it is users, security, scalability, reliability and enables easy addition of extra system components for gathering process data and content adaptation for mobile devices.


backend server, industrial process management, operations and maintenance enterprise mobility, mobile phone application, context-aware services.