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Igor Kulev , Elena Vlahu-Gjorgievska , Saso Koceski and Verica Bakeva


Pervasive health care takes steps to design, develop, and evaluate computer technologies that help citizens participate more closely in their own healthcare, on one hand, and on the other to provide flexibility in the life of pa-tient who lead an active everyday life with work, family and friends. This paper presents a novel collaborative algorithm that generates recommendations and suggestions for preventive intervention. The main purpose of this algorithm is to find the dependency of the users’ health condition and physical activities he/she performs. The recommendation algorithm, presented in this paper, is part of the Collaborative health care system model called COHESY. COHESY improves quality of care and life to its users, by offering freedom to enjoy life with the confidence that a medical professional is monitoring theirs health condition.


personal healthcare, recommendation algorithm, classification, clustering.