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Milos Roganovic , Ivan Bisevac , Bratislav Predic , Dolores Ananieva , Ilco Trajkovski and Dejan Rancic


This paper provides an overview of current initiatives for the development of e-government originating from Europe and United States of America. This study emphasizes the importance of transformation of e-government, from government-oriented services (e-Government 1.0), through the user-oriented (e-Government 2.0), to an open, transparent administration that involves citizens and legal entities in the process decision-making. In this paper we propose configurable framework for fast development of systems that covers defined process of exchanging information and documents among citizens and legal entity on one side and employer in government institution on other side. Proposed framework is build around atomic building block named state with defined requirements, connections between blocks and loops. Based on proposed framework we developed system for issuing B integrated permits. Developed system serves as a confirmation of successful implementation of the open government concept.


e-government 2.0; web 2.0; open government