Springer papers


Isak Shabani , Betim Cico , Dhurate Hyseni and Fatos Halilaj


University of Pristina, a public University of Kosovo, has transferred all their assets management to an online Inventory Tracking System (namely e-Pasuria). We outline techniques to improve software reliability by providing mathematical analysis using probability, binominal distribution and for increase of performance we use data synchronization mechanisms to help system remain stable even when there are defects on the network. The Inventory Tracking System we discuss here is widely used by Kosovo Institutions and it is part of e-Government. Our focus will be isolated to a single institution, University of Pristina and its faculties. We provide a variety of results and samples showing the increase of reliability to the end users on the application of the provided techniques. Software reliability is hard to be calculated precisely because of its nature, but we have put up a lot of time and effort to evaluate this outcome. Reliability plays an important role in the usage of your application; it determines the length of application life.


Software Reliability; Web Application; e-Pasuria